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  • For the IEA views, fossil fuel subsidies reduction is extremely important, really because it accomplishes three different but interrelated objectives: first, it helps support energy security, because the countries that reduce their consumption, their wasteful consumption of fossil fuels do not have to import these fuels as much and therefore their energy security is improved. Secondly, it helps reduce emissions; the IEA  did some work prior to the previous COP in which we outline five measures that can help the global community to actually peak emissions as early as 2020 and removing fossil fuel subsidies was one of the most important measures that countries can take to accelerate the energy transition. And the third point is that it supports economic growth because the bulk of fossil fuel subsidies actually go to the upper 20 percent of the population. And those resources, if diverted, could accomplish other tremendous economic objectives for the bulk of the population.

  • Infographic: Paying the Polluter

    How fossil fuel subsidies hold us back from a low-carbon future

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The Friends group was formed in June 2010 to support G20 and APEC leaders’ commitments to phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. The Friends encourage the G20 and APEC to implement their initiative as soon as possible, with maximum ambition and transparency.

Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform are

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