Timely seminars and high level events help promote reform. Events are ordered chronologically and include an impressive number of influential speakers from around the world.

Webinar: Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform for Green Recovery and Greater Climate Ambition

September 15, 2021 at 14:00–15:30 CEST

Fossil fuel subsidy reform is a necessary prerequisite to green recovery and a key tool for increasing climate ambition and motivating clean energy transition. This virtual event, organized by the Friends of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform (FFFSR) in collaboration with the International Institute for Sustainable Development’s Global Subsidies Initiative (GSI) and with support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, will highlight the critical role that fossil fuel subsidy reform plays in these pathways.

During this session, IISD-GSI researchers will present recent modelling results that show how much greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by consumer fossil fuel subsidy reform, and how much money countries can save at the same time. Speakers will also share guidance for achieving a fossil-free recovery as well as government and civil society perspectives on green recovery.

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Call to Order

Philip Gass, Lead, Transitions, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Opening Remarks

Dr. Hinrich Thölken, Ambassador, Director Climate and Energy Policy and Digital Transformation, Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Keynote Address

The Potential for FFSR to Contribute to NDC Ambition and Green Recovery
Dr. David Walker, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the WTO, Government of New Zealand

Session 1: IISD’s Fossil Fuel Subsidy Related Research and Updates

GSI Report Modelling Potential for FFSR to Contribute to GHG Mitigation
Jonas Kuehl, Junior Policy Analyst, IISD

IISD Flagship Report on Fossil-Free Recovery and Fossil Fuel Subsidy Tracker
Lourdes Sanchez, Senior Policy Advisor and Lead, Indonesia, IISD

Session 2: Government Responses

Indonesia’s Experience with FFSR
Dr. (HC) Ir. H Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning, Republic of Indonesia

Session 3: Civil Society Perspectives

Egypt’s Experience with FFSR
Dr. Mohamed El Sobky, Professor, Cairo University; Past CEO, Egyptian New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)

Enabling Clean Energy Transition in Indigenous Communities
Freddie Campbell, Global Hub Program Coordinator, Indigenous Clean Energy (ICE)

India’s LPG Subsidy Reform
Shruti Sharma, Associate and Energy Specialist, IISD


Moderated by Philip Gass

The Friends group was formed in June 2010 to support G20 and APEC leaders’ commitments to phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. The Friends encourage the G20 and APEC to implement their initiative as soon as possible, with maximum ambition and transparency.

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